Three Months in Small Business

Three Months in Small Business

Three short months ago, I was about to hit the button to go live on this little lockdown dream called True North Life. The only way I could describe it was like being ready to have another baby, with familiar feelings of excitement and fear in equal measure.

Seedlings of ideas dreamt up in the early hours of the morning were nurtured and cultivated over time, taking root and forming the shoots of a new product and brand. It was finally time to move out from the safety of my imagination and plant this little sapling outdoors to see what would happen.

I’m so grateful for how you’ve watered my dream with every time you've liked a social media post, shared what we are doing with others and placed an order to help it slowly grow.

I’m still so chuffed you like Infinity Bands as much as I do! We love seeing you wear your bands in local sightings (apologies for our kids pointing and calling out the name of your band - we're working on being more discrete in our excitement!) and in the photos you share online and with us directly.

As a thank you for your support, we are offering 20% off all bands, all weekend so make sure you pick up that one you've been eyeing up for yourself, or perhaps send one as a gift or stock up for future gifts this year.


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