Winter Warmer Gear Guide

Winter Warmer Gear Guide
We are ALL about being prepared to get outdoors all year round, so winter warmers are key for enjoying the elements without the whining…😉
Here’s our pick and your recommendations of tried + true thermal gear for keeping cosy in the cold.
Our Good Gear principles always apply:
👉 Think price-per-wear before you invest.
👉 Shop for affordable + sustainable higher ticket items on online marketplaces.
👉 Buy neutral colours for kids so they can be easily handed down to whoever is next in line.
👉 Save for wish list items or add to your birthday/Christmas list.

💭 Merino is wonderful but expensive. Think price per wear!
💭 Brushed thermals are excellent but not sweat wicking if you plan on outdoor activity.
💭 Heat generating and retaining and great for buffing wind.
💭 Lightweight layers are key.
💭 Thick fleeces + cosy shackets are great extra thick layers.
💭 Wellies aren’t usually warm, lined + waterproof boots are game-changers.
💭 Warm necks and extremities are vital.

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