Your Top 6 Summer Hacks

Your Top 6 Summer Hacks

We asked our social media following to share their top tips and tricks for outdoor life in Summer. Here's a summary the wisdom they shared.

1. Remove sand with baby powder

Baby powder dries the sand and helps it gently brush off. Apply it inside a sock to dust off or if you'd like to avoid using baby powder, check out the Savvisand unique formula with plant and mineral extracts. Their handy applicator brush is one of our favourite items to reach for after a day at the beach. 

2. Apply sunscreen with a blusher brush
This trick is brilliant for babies but equally handy for those who don't enjoy having greasy hands. We also love Lidl mousse and aerosol sunscreens for easy application along with La Roche-Posay invisible fluid for our faces.
3. Transporting gear 
These XL zip up IKEA bags are perfect for wetsuits, lifejackets, booties and all the beach gear. They are especially handy with their backpack straps too.
Garden trugs are great for throwing all the wet and sandy gear after a day at the beach.
We love our beach wagon for lugging everything, including tired kiddos. The bigger the wheels the better for bumping over sandy beaches or rocky paths. We got ours in The Range, but although more expensive, we hear great things about this Decathlon one.
4. Wetsuits
Use plastic bags over feet to help slide wetsuits on. 
Use vaseline on areas prone to rubbing, like around the neck.
Wear booties even on warm days to avoid weever fish stings in the shallow waters. 
5. Activities
Bring your bucket and spade to the beach, but also consider bringing other activities to entertain kids (and big kids alike).
Some favourites include kites, boules, paddle tennis, kwik-cricket, spike ball and you could even bring a litter picker and do a beach/park clean too.
Play discovery games like 'Find the Rainbow' with beach shells, sea glass and pebbles or in forests with leaves and flowers too.
6. Don't forget
You also recommended we remember to pack:
- A dust pan and brush to clean up
- A foldaway BBQ/campfire - this Regatta one came recommended.
- Steristrips for injuries
- Emergency change of clothes and towel robes for changing/wearing home
- A clean nappy to hide valuables in!
- A pop up shelter 
- Extra water to rinse hands/feet

We hope these handy hacks are useful as you plan on enjoying days outdoors this Summer.
Get out there, seek and find.

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