Our story

Life’s path isn't always straight or easy to navigate. Yet perhaps when we feel most disorientated, there's a new discovery to make or direction to find when we get outdoors to uncover our True North once again.

Maybe it's a needed perspective shift or a simple breather. We're renewed when we seek out a space to be reminded that...

...Seasons come and go.

...The sun will rise and set.

...The waves crash then fade.

...The skies won't always be grey.

...There's still growth beneath the surface in the darkest place.

...There's a big world out there to see and to savour.

True North Life was born out of years finding this refreshment and realignment through time spent outdoors here in our beautiful homeland of Northern Ireland. Maybe 2020 was the year we experienced this more than ever with our daily exercise becoming a constant rhythm of the uncertain times we found ourselves in.

I'm Jenny by the way, the dreamer behind the brand. I'm an ordinary girl who has spent years seeking out the extraordinary beauty all around us when I slow down long enough to notice and soak it in. 

Our family has never regretted time spent outdoors whether it's a potter or play in the garden, a dander along our familiar coastline, a wander through the woods...or sometimes that much needed solo jog (if you know, you know!).

Young and older, near or far from home, we've all been made to be renewed by the beauty of the natural world around us.

Why don't you let creation speak to you today, who knows what you will discover? 

Get out there. Seek and find True North.